The farm

I am looking out the screen door at a field of corn and a hundred year old barn where I will be writing new music for the next 10 days. After two days at the House of Miracles studio, the final mixes for a new Andrew Sisk album are done. Making plans for its release … Continue reading The farm


Keeping busy is more of a spiritual practice than anything else. Just BEING  lost in the process and keeping the energy flowing into something to listen to is all I could ask for, really. Serenity is having several little projects on the go that aren't nagging but pleasantly waiting for me when the days are … Continue reading Incoming!


A mixture of luck and trying has gotten me the rare and fortuitous opportunity of being the Songwriter in Residence at Sappyfest in Sackville, NB this summer. I will have the opportunity to create whatever I want and collaborate with new and old friends while being a part of the inspiring musical community that exists. … Continue reading SAPPYFEST!!!

Praise for “The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin” The performance exhibits for the release of "The passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin" were transcending experiences. Wonderful interactive audiences and great intimate venues made for the perfect atmosphere to experience this project.  I need to thank the amazing musicians who performed the piece with me: Pete Hall, Mikael Tobias, Tavo Diez de Bonilla, … Continue reading Praise for “The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin”

New release: The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin

After finding the rare antique book "The Passing of the Buffalo" by the unknown author, Buckskin, I decided its message needed to be resurrected. Spoken passages and reverbed guitars construct this ten-minute piece, in a rumbling testament to this lost literary treasure and the tragedy of our past. Released by it is available to stream and download.As well, … Continue reading New release: The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin

New Projects

Welcome! This site is the first opportunity I've had to collect all my various creative work and display it in one spot. I currently have a new album completed titled "Arcticalia", no release date or details yet, as well as, an art project titled "The Passing of the Buffalo- by Buckskin" that will be released … Continue reading New Projects