The farm

I am looking out the screen door at a field of corn and a hundred year old barn where I will be writing new music for the next 10 days.

After two days at the House of Miracles studio, the final mixes for a new Andrew Sisk album are done. Making plans for its release while sitting in the sun.

Finally, remixes of the Coco et co. St. Dominique album are rolling in and you can expect to hear beautiful messes this fall.image.jpeg


Keeping busy is more of a spiritual practice than anything else. Just BEINGĀ  lost in the process and keeping the energy flowing into something to listen to is all I could ask for, really. Serenity is having several little projects on the go that aren’t nagging but pleasantly waiting for me when the days are overcast. So here are the updates:

A sophomore Coco et Co. album is now completely mastered and ready to release, titled Saint Dominique. More details to come.

A follow up to Arcticalia is in the final overdubs stages which means there will be another Andrew Sisk album released in the near future.

There are several more secretive projects about dead poets, country drifter songs, and animated soundtracks that I will let you know as they come together as well.

Did you hear about the astronauts hearing music on the dark side of the moon? That’s kind of what we’re doing here, you and I.



Mike O’Neill Tribute

If you love good songs like I do then you probably would (or already do) love the songs of Mike O’Neill (formerly of the Inbreds). Gooseberry Records recently released a tribute to his songs and I was lucky enough to record his song “This is who I am” with my friend, Michael Feuerstack (Snailhouse, The Wooden Stars, Belle Orchestre).

The proceeds from this tribute will go to a charity of Mike’s choice, so everyone wins.

Check it out!