New Album: Mr. Miracle

This album arrived at the other side of tragedy, friendship, love, generosity, passion, destruction, and redemption. It is my humble hope that it will help someone out there.

This album is the result of a lot of love and generosity from talented friends who were essential to this miraculous release. I need to acknowledge and thank Andy Magoffin, who is a brilliant and wonderful artist in his own right, for inviting this project into being and guiding it into reality. My incredibly talented musical friends: Tavo Diez de Bonilla (Bass), Marshall Bureau (Drums), Pete Hall (Guitar, Lap steel), Mike Brushey (Drums), JJ Ipsen (Piano), Tim Crabtree (Saxophone), Michael Feuerstack (Pedal Steel), and the guest vocalists, Christina Martin, Jenn Grant, Camille Delean, and Mel Stone. As well, The photographic talents of Thibaut Breton and Bengisu Gonul and album design of James Braithwaite were the final pieces of generosity to complete the project. I am eternally grateful to you all. Thank you.

12/22/2020 release date

Stream and Pre-order the album here:



New Album: Mr. Miracle

With the help of a lot of friends, and lots of patience, there is a new Andrew Sisk album mastered and ready for release. Once again, recorded by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles, with many of the same players as the previous albums, this is a very different collection of music that is ready to release this fall. Featuring guest vocals by Christina Martin, Jenn Grant, Mel Stone, and Camille Delean it’s an exploration of the music I grew up listening to. Coming soon!

Antarcticalia Reviews

Buried under all sorts of living was the release of “Antarcticalia”.

Here is what the press had to say:

“It’s over too fast, but easily handles much repeated listening.” – Bob MersereauCBC

“It’s an irresistible fun, and Sisk knows it…” – Eleni Armenakis – Gray Owl Point

“There’s never any filler, no unnecessary repetition or interludes that take the song off focus, and there’s never a moment when it feels too long or too short. This is a skill many lack that Andrew has mastered.” – Michael BrowneThe East Mag

Don’t Wake Me Up Again, Bad News and Fragmented Meoffer a beautiful contrast of subject and melody, while Bad Landlord, Standing For It and Book Club signify a return to the familiar form of storytelling that we have come to expect.” – Matt CarterGrid City

Listen and Buy it here

The farm

I am looking out the screen door at a field of corn and a hundred year old barn where I will be writing new music for the next 10 days.

After two days at the House of Miracles studio, the final mixes for a new Andrew Sisk album are done. Making plans for its release while sitting in the sun.

Finally, remixes of the Coco et co. St. Dominique album are rolling in and you can expect to hear beautiful messes this fall.image.jpeg


Keeping busy is more of a spiritual practice than anything else. Just BEING  lost in the process and keeping the energy flowing into something to listen to is all I could ask for, really. Serenity is having several little projects on the go that aren’t nagging but pleasantly waiting for me when the days are overcast. So here are the updates:

A sophomore Coco et Co. album is now completely mastered and ready to release, titled Saint Dominique. More details to come.

A follow up to Arcticalia is in the final overdubs stages which means there will be another Andrew Sisk album released in the near future.

There are several more secretive projects about dead poets, country drifter songs, and animated soundtracks that I will let you know as they come together as well.

Did you hear about the astronauts hearing music on the dark side of the moon? That’s kind of what we’re doing here, you and I.



Mike O’Neill Tribute

If you love good songs like I do then you probably would (or already do) love the songs of Mike O’Neill (formerly of the Inbreds). Gooseberry Records recently released a tribute to his songs and I was lucky enough to record his song “This is who I am” with my friend, Michael Feuerstack (Snailhouse, The Wooden Stars, Belle Orchestre).

The proceeds from this tribute will go to a charity of Mike’s choice, so everyone wins.

Check it out!

Sappyfest X and New Projects

It was a bountiful summer. Got a lot of work done and now have a few irons in the fire. The Sappyfest songwriter in residency and summer tour was a period full of serendipitous happenings and inspiring times. You can expect to hear a new Coco et co. album this winter, a musical art project about Al Purdy and Milton Acorn at some point soon, as well as, a new solo record that is scheduled to be recorded this December. Thanks for listening!SiskBelyea

Impeachment Video and Tour

To celebrate the upcoming tour and album release of Arcticalia here is a new music video:


May 27th Toronto, ON The Tranzac* 7 p.m.

   May 28th Cambridge, ON   House of Miracles* 8 p.m.

May 29th Montreal, QC Cagibi* 9 p.m. w/ Bantam Wing

May 30th Kingston, ON Musiikki Café* 9 p.m.

May 31st Ottawa, ON Raw Sugar Cafe* 8 p.m.

* with Raised by Swans

I will hopefully see you on the road next week.


A mixture of luck and trying has gotten me the rare and fortuitous opportunity of being the Songwriter in Residence at Sappyfest in Sackville, NB this summer. I will have the opportunity to create whatever I want and collaborate with new and old friends while being a part of the inspiring musical community that exists. I will see you at the festival!

Check out the line-up this year.


ARCTICALIA – May 26, 2015

The plan had been hatched; in the darkness of the winter we would meet in the warmth of the House of Miracles studio to record what would become my new record, Arcticalia.  Our group of friends elaborated the songs into Tropicalia inspired indie folk rock. The songs are little protests of anxiety and beauty, mistrust and loyalty somehow capturing a mental escape from a long Canadian winter and the frustrations of adulthood.

The nine songs that became Arcticalia were hewn from the skilled hands of Marshall Bureau (drums), Justin Nace (guitar), JJ Ipsen (Keys), Tavo Diez De Bonilla (Bass), and Andy Magoffin (Horns, Guitar, Percussion), arranged with immediacy and recorded as a document of our time together.


May 27th – Toronto, ON – The Tranzac*

May 28th- Cambridge, ON – The House of Miracles

May 29th – Montreal, QC – Cagibi*

May 30th -Kingston, ON – Makiikki Café*

May 31st – Ottawa, ON  – Raw Sugar Cafe*

July 18th – Halifax, NS -The Company House w/Quiet Parade

August 1-2 – Sackville, NB – Sappyfest

* Performing with Raised by Swans

Praise for “The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin”


The performance exhibits for the release of “The passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin” were transcending experiences. Wonderful interactive audiences and great intimate venues made for the perfect atmosphere to experience this project.  I need to thank the amazing musicians who performed the piece with me: Pete Hall, Mikael Tobias, Tavo Diez de Bonilla, and Julian Landry were all vital contributors.  We hope to have more opportunities to perform this piece again in the future.

In the meantime here is some internet praise for our work:

“We’re pretty confident you won’t hear anything else that sounds like this today. Or tomorrow…. It’s a thing of gentle, unusual and persistent beauty.” – Ali Mason (

“Much more than a simple score, the single ten-and-a-half-minute track serves as a tribute to a lost time, an elegy for a fallen species, a warning about the depletion of natural resources, and a moving composition that conjures images of vast plains and noble, doomed creatures.  Cook’s world-weary intonations are perfectly matched by the music, which is first languid and finally swirling, a dust cloud of devastation.”                            –

Feel free to download a PDF version of the Buffalo Zine below:

The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin

Stay tuned for more releases and projects on the way.

New release: The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin

After finding the rare antique book “The Passing of the Buffalo” by the unknown author, Buckskin, I decided its message needed to be resurrected. Spoken passages and reverbed guitars construct this ten-minute piece, in a rumbling testament to this lost literary treasure and the tragedy of our past. Released by it is available to stream and download.

As well, an accompanying “zine” was made to provide context on the process and mystery surrounding this project. Download it here for free:

The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin

Thank you for listening and sharing.

Live performances of The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin:
Sept. 27th (12 p.m. and 3 p.m.)- Oshawa @ The Robert McLaighlin Gallery
Sept. 27th (7 p.m. and 8 p.m.)- Toronto @ The Holy Oak Cafe
Oct. 7th (8 p.m. and 10 p.m.)- Montreal @ Casa Del Popolo w/ Aim Low



A little tease


Next week, my newest project, “the passing of the Buffalo” by Buckskin, will be released on Backward Music.

Here is the teaser:



New Projects

Welcome! This site is the first opportunity I’ve had to collect all my various creative work and display it in one spot. I currently have a new album completed titled “Arcticalia”, no release date or details yet, as well as, an art project titled “The Passing of the Buffalo- by Buckskin” that will be released this summer. I will post more information soon. Thanks for visiting.

– A