Coco et co.

By the balcony of a Montreal apartment, rehearsing quietly and spilling songs onto the street, Coco et co. clipped and pasted inspirations into songs. Composition would come first, finding the sevenths and progressions to match the spiraling staircases that lined the street. Finding hooks, taking them away, lining the melodies with stories in order to slowly build an album in the twilight of a workday. The first album, St. Denis (2010), recorded in Sisk’s apt. and released that same year was a minimalist and lo-fi creation using flea market finds and obsolete samplers.

The sophomore album, Saint Dominique (2016), is a louder extension of the work Sisk started years ago. Synthesizers, 808 drum machine, a Wurlitzer, and a telecaster were the pallet they painted their pop songs with. Andrew Sisk has continued to weave intimate stories into an electro-pop album for the masses. Buy it here.



New Album “Saint Dominique” out on April 15th, 2016

(Album Art: Greg Denton) 2012

(Album Art: Greg Denton) 2010

(Album Art: Adam Hartling) 2010