(Photo Credit: Scott Munn)

Andrew Sisk does a little bit of everything.  He comes home from work with paint on his clothes or a tie loosened around his neck, his days are like everyone’s.  The cliches of being a working father are apparent between 9 and 5 but like any artist he has made space in the darker hours to do his real work.  He pens lyrics about urban life through country born eyes, juxtaposing acadian forest with city skylines.  After spending most of the last decade touring with artists like Jenn Grant, Sleepless Nights, or his own bands (Share and Coco et co.), he has refined his songwriting through experience and stubborn obsession. 

His surreptitious career has had highlights where his songs have appeared in Radio, Television, and film, as well as, had songs covered by other artists like songstress Christina Martin and Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor. Perhaps most notably his songs were acknowledged with the release of a tribute album, “We Have the Same Lights Overhead“(2013), by the Acadian Embassy label which featured many of his celebrated peers doing recorded versions of his songs.

In 2014, he released “The Passing of the Buffalo- by Buckskin”  which is a synthesis of all of Sisk’s previous work in music, poetry, and Canadian history coming together in a ten minute opus.

Sisk’s latest solo album, Antarcticalia ( Feb. 24th, 2017), was recorded at the House of Miracles with an A-list team of musician friends.  Reaching into the muses of Tropicalia and using melodic and full arrangements with the help of producer Andy Magoffin,  Antarcticalia is a call and response to all that has been hesitated upon.