Praise for “The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin”


The performance exhibits for the release of “The passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin” were transcending experiences. Wonderful interactive audiences and great intimate venues made for the perfect atmosphere to experience this project.  I need to thank the amazing musicians who performed the piece with me: Pete Hall, Mikael Tobias, Tavo Diez de Bonilla, and Julian Landry were all vital contributors.  We hope to have more opportunities to perform this piece again in the future.

In the meantime here is some internet praise for our work:

“We’re pretty confident you won’t hear anything else that sounds like this today. Or tomorrow…. It’s a thing of gentle, unusual and persistent beauty.” – Ali Mason (

“Much more than a simple score, the single ten-and-a-half-minute track serves as a tribute to a lost time, an elegy for a fallen species, a warning about the depletion of natural resources, and a moving composition that conjures images of vast plains and noble, doomed creatures.  Cook’s world-weary intonations are perfectly matched by the music, which is first languid and finally swirling, a dust cloud of devastation.”                            –

Feel free to download a PDF version of the Buffalo Zine below:

The Passing of the Buffalo by Buckskin

Stay tuned for more releases and projects on the way.