Antarcticalia Reviews

Buried under all sorts of living was the release of “Antarcticalia”.

Here is what the press had to say:

“It’s over too fast, but easily handles much repeated listening.” – Bob MersereauCBC

“It’s an irresistible fun, and Sisk knows it…” – Eleni Armenakis – Gray Owl Point

“There’s never any filler, no unnecessary repetition or interludes that take the song off focus, and there’s never a moment when it feels too long or too short. This is a skill many lack that Andrew has mastered.” – Michael BrowneThe East Mag

Don’t Wake Me Up Again, Bad News and Fragmented Meoffer a beautiful contrast of subject and melody, while Bad Landlord, Standing For It and Book Club signify a return to the familiar form of storytelling that we have come to expect.” – Matt CarterGrid City

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